Brand new blog!

Hello, everybody!  Since the start of 2012, I have slowly but steadily gotten into nail polish and nail art and now I have decided to start my very own blog.  Hopefully, my shoddy camera and less than professional work will make nail art seem more attainable for beginners 😀

One thing that I have taken note of in the world of nails is the power of indie polishes.  One indie polish line that I discovered too late is Nerd Lacquer.  Fortunately, Sassy Lacquer is having a generous Nerd Lacquer giveaway!  Check it out here!

Another awesome giveaway is from BerryPolished for the highly sought after Floam!  Enter here!

Soon, I will do a first post actually containing a mani.  See you all later!

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1 Response to Brand new blog!

  1. Amanda Berry says:

    Thanks for linking to my contest, can’t wait to see when you start posting pictures 🙂

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