China Glaze

There are so many brands of polish to choose from!  But how do you know what will be worth it?  Usually, I just buy the cheapies and life goes on.  But as time goes on in your own nail investigation, you hear about the same brands over and over and you start to get curious – Essie, OPI, China Glaze, etc.

Well, I bring this up because I finally gave in and bought 2 China Glazes.  Actually, my bf picked out the colors 🙂  He chose Peachy Keen and Secret Per-Wink-Le.  Random choices, but that’s what he liked (you’re probably thinking that I should have just gotten what I wanted but I did.  I like those colors and he didn’t force me to choose them :P)

I have no pictures for you now but the reason certain brands pop up often is because they live up to the hype.  China Glaze certainly did.  Good coverage, nice assortment of colors and ok prices. 

If you wanna leap into the world of CG (or already have and just want more) try out this giveaway from Glam Polish!  You get a choice of six if you win.  Good Luck!

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